New pattern release: Ginkgo

I am beyond excited for this month's pattern release! This piece has been a one year work in progress. Well sort of! I had conceptualized this design around this time of the year last year, and created a little paper template for it. But since it was already June, I knew that it was too late in the year to design the piece and release it that same year. So I kept it preciously in my design journal until a few months ago, once I got the yarn in hands, and my needles ready to cast on!

I created this design around the concept of origami thus the little template that I made. I really wanted to create a piece that would be as seamless as possible, starting from the bottom up (hem to neck then neck to hem). So in the end, the only seamed part would be the sides, which is quite minimal for a sweater.

Both front and back necks are shaped with decreases to create this elegant v-neck in the front, and this very deep open back that I adore. It is slightly cropped but you can definitely add some lenght if you'd prefer and very dramatic sleeves that are inspired (once again) by Japanese kimono. If the long and large sleeves are not for you, cast on less stitches and you'll end up with smaller/ shorter ones. What I love about this pattern, is that it's very easy to customize, and change element that fit you figure. The sweater is available in 8 different sizes, starting for & 32" bust. It is intended to be worn with something like 3 to 4" of positive ease for a very comfy and breathy fit.

From left to right: Onyx, Tournaline, Amethyst, Dark Beryl, Serpentine (credit pictures to

As for the yarn, I have used the beautiful blend of 50% linen & 50% Falklands Wool from Blacker Yarns. Now how could I describe this beautiful blend? Once again I was not disappointed by Blackers. I mean I think that I've tried maybe six or seven of their bases, and the experience has been so enjoyable every single time. Their blends are wonderful and their colors are absolutely stunning. I think that there's a bit of everything for everyone.

But back to Lyonesse. It is extremely soft, like almost buttery soft. It has a beautiful sheen from the linen, and as you would expect from a plant-based yarn, the dyed didn't take evenly on the skein which resulted in the most perfect heathery shades.

Some very lovely versions have already been completed. And one of my favourite's in Patricia's. You can check it out here