Mandarine's subscription! (Early access to my new patterns, and behind the scenes)

I realised that I haven't really had the time to tell you about this new subscription and what it is exactly.

What is Patreon/ Why did I join Patreon?

Patreon is a platform that allows makers from around the world to share even more of their work with their followers. I joined Patreon because it will allow me to fund my creative pursuits, grow as a creative entrepreneur and share all that work with you guys. My goal is to bring you happiness through the knitting patterns that I create, so you can make something that you will cherish and love.
Your support means a lot to me, and will help me to keep doing the things that I love, pay my bills and dream bigger. It will give me the mental space to keep pushing myself to create even more and share all of that work with you <3

What will I get/ How does it work?
I appreciate so much any support of my work you’re willing to give, so I can keep creating patterns for you.
Depending on which subscription you'd choose, you'll be able to get access to different rewards. If you like my work, and you want to support me, just choose how much you want to pledge per month (even $1 makes a difference!)
Select one of the rewards that you would like to get and that's it! I will take care of the rest! You can cancel or edit your pledges whenever you want!

Second Level: PATTERNS

The second level (5$/month) will give you an early access to all my new self-published patterns. Everytime that I independently publish a new pattern, I will attach the pdf version of the pattern for the second level subscribers. So you'll be able to start knitting early on. The pattern will then be uploaded to your personnal ravelry library. This subscription is particularly interesting for patrons located in Europe as they won't have to pay the VAT on digital products that is associated with any pattern sale.


1st level: INSPIRATION

The very first level (2$/month) will give you access to a weekly inspiring post where I will talk about all of the things that I've worked on during the week + a montly post where I will share all of the things taht got me inspired.


3rd level: SECRETS

And lastly, the third level (10$/month) will give you access to all the previous rewards + an exclusive weekly video where I will share and talk about all the secret projects that I'm currently working on, the future collaborations ect...

I hope that I didn't forget anything! If you have any question, or comment, feel free to ask in the comments below, or you can email me at

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