June cashmere yarn review & giveaway

As I'm writting to you, I have a big cup of coffee next to me, and the little swatch that I have just completed. I cannot stop petting it because it's simply the softest thing ever. I haven't knit with 100% cashmere fibers a whole lot as they are one of the most luxurious fibers available in the market, but the few times that I did, the experience was a pure delight.

The yarn that I'm introducing today is the June Cashmere DK, a 100% luxurious cashmere yarn.

 "June Cashmere's 100% cashmere yarns are collected directly from Kyrgyz shepherds living on small family farms along the ancient Silk Road amidst the soaring mountains of Central Asia.  June is the Kyrgyz word for animal fiber, which is a centuries old vital resource and essential element of their nomadic lifestyle. From felted woolen rugs, to the clothes on their backs, june has made itself an indelible part of Kyrgyz culture. Additionally, the uniquely warm properties of the cashmere from their goats allow them to sustain cold and long winters in the vast mountains in Kyrgyzstan. "

If butter could be a fiber, I would say that cashmere is the closest thing to it. I think that it took me less than 15 minutes yesterday to complete the swatch because the fiber was literally flying on my needles. The fabric that the swatch gave me was something very drapey and delicate. If I would have to knit a sample with the yarn, it would most probably be a shawl with very little details, something simple in stockinette that would enhance the drapiness and the sheen of the fabric.

If you are interested in trying out June Cashmere yarn, you can enter this giveaway to win one skein in the lace or DK weight! Three winners will be selected on the 20th of December.

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